The new Kühberg Hotel – the opening

The big challenge is to leave at all, to leave behind imagined security and instead to face the uncertainty of the path. The path then emerges naturally.

Gregor Sieböck

These wise words about hiking can also be neatly applied to our exciting journey to creating the new Kühberg Hotel. A big vision and an even bigger amount of courage have shown us the way and led us step by step to the goal.
Yes, it is done – the “new” Kühberg Hotel has opened and has already captivated its first guests. The months of remodelling are over and have delivered results that have exceeded our wildest expectations. Comfortable rooms with tasteful furnishings and some with private wellness areas, a spacious restaurant with a modern kitchen and a wonderful fireplace lounge await our visitors and give them a second home on the Kühberg. It has successfully transitioned from a traditional inn to a sophisticated hotel, while maintaining its distinctive charm.

Calm and serenity

The coherent overall impression and the calm, natural colours contribute to the relaxed atmosphere that we enjoy up here. Our location, 100 meters above the roofs of Oberstdorf, invites you to stand above things in more ways than one. Distance from stressful everyday life and closeness to nature can have a healing effect on body and soul – and we do our best to offer our guests well-deserved relaxation. And friends of physical exercise will not miss out on the Kühberg!

Sporty and active

Whether hiking through the surrounding mountain landscape, speeding down ski slopes, taking bike tours or enjoying an afternoon of wellness when it rains, a holiday on the Kühberg offers opportunities for sporting activities or relaxing hours whatever the weather. A stroll through the nearby town centre of Oberstdorf is always worthwhile and full of variety.
A nice glass of wine by the fireplace, dinner with a view of Oberstdorf or a good book on the balcony: discover your favorite place on the new Kühberg and take this special piece of Allgäu into your heart.

The familiar in the new

We are grateful for the support and encouragement that we received during the renovation phase and especially for the loyalty of our regular guests, who still hear the old heartbeat of the new hotel. Now new customs are to be added to old traditions; here, past and future come together.
We look forward to greeting acquaintances, old and new, for unforgettable moments, good feelings and lots of reasons to celebrate.
Take the trip with us, we look forward to seeing you!